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Michael Don Fess
Michael Don Fess is not just a Master Gardener, he is also a Master at creating Garden Sculptures that will distinguish any garden. Born in Louisiana, Michael and his family relocated to Arkansas where he studied Engineering at Southern Arkanas University. Michael went on to earn a B.S. in Physics before marrying his high school sweetheart Martha Sue Wilson and raising their four children.
With an engineering background Michael Don Fess is uniquely qualified to create large, breath taking sculptures of all types and his business background led him to create the RRSS sculpture-lease plan for commercial buildings, he also pioneered the design of special bits for the air-chisel he uses to create his sculptures, and the use of construction material "EFS" for large outdoor sculptures. Michael Don Fess is available to do commission work. To learn more about Michael's work visit www.FessArt.info.