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Marilyn Morris
I have always loved the Ozarks, but my husband, my four children and I had to move to Texas to make a living. We first moved to Fayetteville Arkansas where I majored in all-level Art Education. We left there to take a job at Texas A&M Commerce where I finished my degree.

Over the years I have taught children's art in my own studio and Adult Continued Education at the University.

After retirement and thirty years later, we returned to our beloved Cotter, Arkansas where we renovated our family home, Hopkinswood, built in 1914 into a B&B.
I decided to pursue my interest in art more seriously since retiring. I joined three art associations and I've taken classes in four of our communities. Every day is an adventure in painting. Whether it is interpreting our surroundings or our emotions, it's a labor of love.
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