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Barbara Robinson

I am a soulful painter.
My paintings are from my heart. My subject matter is wide ranging but all of my work is about soul. I try to portray with my vibrant, highly textured landscapes the spiritual quality that I experience when I contemplate nature.

I am attracted to uninhabited landscapes - prairies, seascapes, lonely forest roads, and trees, especially aspens and birches. At times I will add an abandoned house or barn - a place that I have been to that intrigues me. I like to imagine who lived there, what they were like, why they left. Although memory and imagination provide me with much of my subject
matter, I rely primarily on my own photographs.

I prefer a limited color palette, often applying the pigment with a palette knife. Color, design and composition are important to me, as is spontaneity: I plan the outset, then somehow the spirit of the work engages me, leads me on.

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Born in Duluth, Minnesota and moving to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1998, Barbara has incredible subject matter to create her expressive landscapes which have both mystery and spontaneity. Her creative development was deeply influenced by her artist grandmother, her "MeMere" and her artistic abilities were enhanced by numerous university art
classes, workshops and continued studies with talented artists in the U.S. and at LaRomita School of Art in Italy. She has a B.A. degree in Psychology, intending to be an Art Therapist but liking the process of art better than therapy.

Although experienced in a variety of drawing and painting media, Barbara currently works primarily in oils. She shows her work at regional galleries and participates in local, regional and national shows. She is a member of Arkansas Artists Registry, Eureka Springs Artist Registry, Artists of Northwest Arkansas, Arizona Art Alliance, Mesa Art League, Palette Art League and Holiday Island Association of the Arts.
Honored with a solo exhibit at the Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale, Arkansas in May, 2007 and included and featured in the first juried exhibition at Crystal Bridges American Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2008, Barbara was also privileged to have several other solo exhibits at local venues and has participated in many juried group exhibits where she has won numerous awards.

Barbara Robinson
Eureka Springs, AR
E-mail: robinson29@cox.net