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Susan McSherry
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Susan McSherry is a self-taught second career southern vernacular folk artist. She specializes in assemblage and mosaic techniques using a high degree of recycled/repurposed content. She calls it "mixed-up media"..... According to Susan, everything she sees everywhere she looks seems to have a story to tell. She is just the facilitator.....Fine, Fun, Funky and Functional Art is what she does.

One of Susan's entreprenuerial adventures landed her in her current neighborhood in the the upper Buffalo National River's Basin area. It is here she "transmogrifies" plain old cast off items into art and artifacts of interest. This isn't a new activity -
but it has taken on a more organized tone. This organized sortie into the art world has yielded some notable results the last few years: including acceptance into and winning juried art shows in Arkansas and Illinois, exhibiting at a sitting Senator's office, giving workshops at art galleries and inclusion in a number of hard copy publications; Arkansas Governor's Mansion 2009 Day Planner (Ozark Vernacular Birdhouse #1 ) ; Arkansas At Home, June 2009 (Pink Foo Foo Clock); 2010 Mosaic Yearbook ( Flower Hat Lady ); and the 2010 The Art and Artisans of the Ozarks.
Susan participates in gallery showings and shows periodically. Her studio will be open to the public for three days on the third weekend in September. For more information, check her calendar at www.art-and-artifacts.com .

Susan has collectors in the USA from coast to coast and as far away as Australia. If you are interested in seeing more of her work you can check out the web site: www.art-and-artifacts.com ; her Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/artandartifacts ; or her spot at the Eureka Springs Artist Registry www.eurekaspringsartists.com/artistdetail.php?id=127.

Artist's Statement:

I am basically self trained. I used to call my stuff "NaiveOutsiderTramp" Art or "N.O.T".Art. It has been my very great fortune to have recently evolved from an unknown, untrained "N.O.T." artist, into an unknown, untrained published artist who has had some pretty fabulous luck with a couple of juried shows and a few publications (hard copy stuff)...

My passion still is converting humble items of questionable heritage into wondrous flights of fancy... just because.

I am very happy that folks like some of my things well enough to acquire them. It affords me room to create more- when you work like I do, you never run out of raw material.....

For my customers, thanks for the opportunity to keep some wonderful stuff out of the landfill, put some moolah back in my bank account and of course- you get a fabulous item that you totally love. Everybody wins... Gotta love it.

Thank you.