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Paul Oneill
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Paul O'Neill, a graduate of Paier College of Art, has spent his entire life as a working artist. O'Neill's work is noticeably influenced by the American Plein Air Impressionists.

While much of Paul's work is impressionistic, he is an accomplished realist painter as well. In his still life, residence and marine paintings, his keen exactitude in draftsmanship and perspective is clearly shown.
His ability to capture those qualities that endear us to our treasured memories of home and hearth has put him in high demand for his architectural and marine portraits. O'Neill works from reference (photographs) as well as on site.

Paul can create a painting of your cherished family home from photographs, that you will cherish for generations. For more information, please contact Paul at www.kingsriverfinearts.com or via e-mail at mail@KingsRiverFineArts.com.