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Pat Church
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Brightly colored, whimsical, graphic describes the work of Pat Church, founder of LPOMA hand-painted dinnerware. Pat's self-taught art of ceramic painting, glazing and firing began 18 years ago in her home studio in Rogers, Arkansas, at 479-631-1596.

"My designs just come to me, and it can be something I dream, or a scrap of patterned fabric that catches my eye, or a trick of shadow and light in nature. They come to me as color combinations first, then I arrange them into patterns, adding dots or stripes, etc., for texture and a little whimsy."
All of Pat's dinnerware is triple-glazed and kiln-fired to make them food and dishwasher safe.

Her work is sold at juried art shows and online at www.LPOMA.com.

LPOMA stands for "Little Piece of MY Art."